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Our Services

“We talk hospitality we produce numbers and we offer excellent service for an absoloute piece of mind like you offer to your customers.”

What we do



We will find for you the most suitable and skilled professional for any role within your organization even if that individual is not actively looking for a job.


Cost Control

Our Food and Beverage team with its Chef and Cost controllers will help you create a menu for every part of your hotel that will amaze your customers at the most cost-effective way.


Online Branding

Great reviews, correct social media promotion as well as a very useful website is what creates a successful online marketing strategy. Investing in online presence is the key success of our hotel.



Our expert negotiatiors will negotiate the best possible contracts for your hotel throughout all online and offline OTAs and will achieve the best possible prices.



We will supply your hotels with highly qualified tourism and hospitality staff for every position. Alia Hotel Services IKE is recruiting staff using every possible method online and offline.


Human Recources Analysis

Staff statisfaction is crucial element to achieve staff productivity and customer satisfaction, are you staff happy?


Hotel Consulting

We develop strategies that will lead to quality and the optimization of costs and revenues that you were looking for. Achieve results, improve your reputation, attain success.


Mystery Check

The Mystery Check offers a great opportunity of seeing a hotel from the guests’ perspectives and making objective evaluations to improve performance


Staff Training

To achieve service excellence, it is necessary all the staff to pass the same training.


Hotel Management

We develop strategies that will lead to quality and the optimization of costs and revenues that you were looking for. Achieve results, improve your reputation, attain success.


Hotel Marketing

We will perform all aspects of marketing to ensure succesful project development from market research, to pricing strategies positioning and advertisement.


Human Resources Planning

Once your idea is conceived and executed to run it properly you need to have the right staff and ethics within your hotel to achieve your targets. Alia Hotel Services IKE is there to do all this reality.


Hotel Development

We have the skills and knowledge to start your project from an idea that was conceived by you and deliver it to you as a successful and highly profitable business .


Staff Planning

Achieving the financial targets and the same time the customer satisfaction levels established during the analysis of the hotel can only be achieved having the right number of employees at the right price.



Once the project is done and analyzed the two most important things to do to make it successful is the Positioning of the hotel according to its capabilities and market.

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Our Pricing

Market Research
form €10000 a month
  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Country analysis
  • Professional presentations
  • Positioning
  • Pricing strategies
Human Resources
form €50 a month
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee productivity
  • Problem solving
  • Profesional questionnaires
  • Questionnaires analysis
  • Staff interviews
form €250 a month
  • 24/7 Support
  • Tourism and hospitality students
  • All Legal papers done
  • All departments
  • Guaranteed sucess
  • Stress free

Frequently Asked Questions

We let our work talk on its own. You are free to contact any of our partners and ask about our work results and ethics.


Definitely, We offer a variety of high quality cost effective services for every hotelier to choose from. You are not obliged to have them all you may simply choose one of our  services whatever suits you the most.

Yes, it does include all the services but of course they are charged separately according to the rates list we have on a separate page.

We can definitely come and visit your hotel wherever that is in any place around the world. Travelling arrangements will be of course done by the Hotelier.

Haraki Rhodes 85102, Rhodes Greece contact@aliahotelservices.com 2241122120

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