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Hotel Marketing

Hotel Marketing

Online Presence- Website and Social Media

Great reviews, correct social media promotion as well as a very useful website is what creates asuccessful online marketing strategy. Investing in online presence is the key success of our hotel

In the era of reviews, it is important for a hotel to build a successful online presence with high quality photos and videos as well as highly rated reviews about the establishment and the services offered. Hotel Management is what it will give us the customer satisfaction desired and that will be used to promote our hotel online.

Market Research & Positioning

If you are looking to invest then it is necessary to take all the steps carefully one by one to ensure a successful investment starting with Market Research. Once we analyze the market in which you wish to invest, we will identify which type of investment has the highest rate for success and what the ROI will be. An analytical project presentation will be performed to you with all the key aspects of your investment in order to take a thorough and well informative decision.

Pricing Strategy& Contracting

Once the project is done and analyzed the two most important things to do to make it successful is the Positioning of the hotel according to its capabilities and market. The right product at the right price is what makes businesses successful. Utilizing all the results from the market research done In the beginning of the project the right prices will be given for your hotel and based on that we will negotiate the best possible contracts throughout all online and offline OTAs. Our expert consultants will follow the established strategy to ensure its success and make alterations when and if it is needed.



Let us do the negoationation with the Traditional agencies and OTAs. Our expert in negotiations and hotel management MR Dionysis Tsiligiris will certainly manage to bring the best prices for our hotel. Better prices means automatically space for better service, better reviews and ultimately higher prices once again. Hospitality is not magic is about understanding how everything works.